Monday, June 04, 2007

Pelzer SC is in the Lead in Top 10 Greenest Cities

I was recently contacted about spreading the word about a contest to identify America's Greenest City. Below is what I received. I was intrigued that Pelzer, SC was in the lead. If you don't know where Pelzer is, it's a nice town in Upstate SC, but don't blink when you drive through of you'll miss it.

I'm as intrigued with the social networking aspects of this contest as I am with the specific contest itself - especially that the contest organizers could motivate folks in a small town like Pelzer to band together to win this contest. Or on second thought, perhaps it is because Pelzer is a small town that people are banding together to win a contest like this. There probably is a social networking lesson there.

Anyway, log in, have fun, and help Pelzer win!

Pelzer, SC is one of the top contenders in Yahoo’s Green City Challenge. Cities across the country are competing for the fleet of hybrid taxis -- the more residents of Pelzer use Yahoo! Be a Better Planet (, the better your chance of having the hybrid taxis or $250,000 for an environmental project for the city.

There’s only a week left in the challenge, but Pelzer is currently in first place -- and definitely has a chance to win. I was hoping you might be interested in rallying your local readers to try to win the challenge, along with fostering some South Carolina pride, and bettering our planet!

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Pelzer History said...

We are excited and thrilled to represent the historic Pelzer, South Carolina area and invite you to contact us at for more information on our programs and events. Please let us know if there is anything we may do for you when you are in the area of Pelzer, South Carolina, USA.

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