Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Why not to do a startup

Courtesy of the Gnoso Blog, here's a post by Marc Andreessen, co-founder of Netscape, about “Why not to do a startup.”

The one that resonates most clearly with my experience:
In a startup, absolutely nothing happens unless you make it happen.
What else resonates is:
You get told no -- a lot.
Of course, once you are successful, it is amazing the number of people who will remember being around when "we" started.

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Steve said...

The admonitions against doing a start-up listed every rational reason for running the other way from a start-up, especially in the "old climate" of South Carolina. But Edison searched for years for the tungsten filament for the light bulb and Lincoln continued to seek public office despite numerous defeats at the polls. Successful knowledge-based start-ups will be the future of South Carolina, and the climate has changed drastically in the state in this area. Programs such as SCLaunch!, InnoVenture, and the Hydrogen Coalition could have never been envisioned just 10 years ago. If you have good people combined with good proprietary technology in a growing market, then GO FOR IT. (I speak from experience. I am now in my 3rd successful start-up in SC!)