Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Now this is a serious announcement :)

No visit to Clemson is complete without a peach milkshake from the ‘55 Exchange! Back in the old days, they just called it ag sales, but the milkshakes were just as good.

Clemson ice cream sales shop extends summer hours

CLEMSON — The ‘55 Exchange, retail sales shop for Clemson University's famous ice cream, is extending its hours to better accommodate alumni, visitors, new students, families and students on campus during the summer. The extended hours, through July, are 11:30 a.m.–8:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday; 11:30 a.m.–6 p.m. Friday and 1–6 p.m. Saturday-Sunday.The ’55 Exchange is on campus in the Hendrix Student Center, at the corner of Cherry and McMillan roads.

A gift from Clemson's Class of 1955, the Exchange is a student-run retail operation that sells and serves Clemson’s world-famous ice cream and blue cheese. All revenues generated through the retail center go to support the university's students and academic programs.One popular feature of the ice cream shop is the Tiger Slab, where customers can customize their ice cream flavor, mixing Clemson ice cream and an assortment of ingredients.

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Evan said...

I just went there a week and a half ago and my smoothie was delicious. Summers in Clemson are the best because the lines are so much shorter and the parking is so much easier. Especially when contrasted with what we'll face after labor day--just try and get into Mac's, TTT, or Sardis on or around a weekend this fall.