Sunday, April 23, 2006

Investor seeking acquisitions in aviation, or early stage investments in transportation related innovations

I have a friend with an extremely successful track record of creating value in the aviation industry. He has significant capital and is " seeking acquisition of or investment in aviation/aerospace related companies. Minimum sales ideally would be $25 Million, [and the company] must be profitable, must have top-tier quality rankings, [and must have] excellent Management willing to stay."

Given the growing transportation sector in the southeast, he is also considering forming a venture capital fund to invest in early stage companies with transportation related innovations.

Please let me know of aviation/aerospace related companies that may be interested in partnering with an extremely successful capital partner, or of emerging companies with transportation related innovations seeking a venture capital partner with significant industry experience.

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Steve Johnson said...

There are a number of cutting-edge technical fields where actually the federal government is establishing testing and validation programs and "seals of approval" that these technologies meet newly-issued federal standards and performance requirements.

The most recent example is in the field of biometrics, the use of fingerprint, eye scan, hand geometry, or other unique personal markers that can be encrpyted on a "smart card" to allow access to buildings or even computer systems. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is about to begin initiation of a new program to authenticate the claims of literally hundreds of emerging companies in this field. Some are legit - some are based on dubious science. The program will discern between the two. Results will be made available to interested investors.