Sunday, April 16, 2006

Be a regular contributor to the Swamp Fox Blog

We want to add new voices on a regular basis to the Swamp Fox blog.

While Swamp Fox gets lots of comments to blog entries we've make, Jeff Papenfus is the first person to post his own topic the Swamp Fox blog: Cloning Ben Franklin.

Jeff is a leader in the Greenville entrepreneurial community. Among other things, he is a technology entrepreneur who is founder and President of North Gate Labs, and he helped found NEXT, "a resource collaborative that supports and attracts high-impact entrepreneurs and their ventures in the greater Greenville area and throughout the Upstate of South Carolina."

If like Jeff you're a leader in your field, and you think you have something to contribute on a regular basis that the Swamp Fox audience would find useful and interesting, contact us and we'll let you know what is involved in being a regular Swamp Fox contributor.

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