Thursday, April 27, 2006

Get Out of The House

Post by Jeff Papenfus

Tonight (Thursday) is Gigi Dover and her band at The Handlebar around 8:30 ish. Gigi is a favorite of ours and should be one of yours. Come see her wail away on original and covers. She makes it to G-Vegas a couple of times a year. She is scheduled for the Reedy River Music series later this Spring also.

It should be a nice tonight so come to Downtown Alive at Piazza Bergamo after 5:30 before Gigi. Did you know they've been doing that for over 20 years! Wow! Come be a part of history and drink warm beer at Greenville's oldest Thursday afternoon party while you can still play on the grass!

Friday night is Hootie and the Blowfish at the Bi-Lo Center. Darius and the boys are back for the umpteenth year playing in, around and at the BMW Charity Pro-Am. If we ask nicely maybe they will play I Go Blind ;)

Did you know that Soby's now has Sunday Brunch! What could be better than that?? Check out the details at Soby's.

We hope everyone Got Out of The House and enjoyed Artisphere last weekend - it was wonderful. Three cheers for Mary, Henry and the whole team that is working to give us a great venue for creativeness and to put Greenville on the International art map.

Our friend Teri Pena has opened a gallery in the West End. Well less a Gallery than a window display. But coolness non-the-less. Teri is a fantastic painter, sculpter and general all around creative class poster girl. Check it out across from Latitude on Main Street.

Our old friend Anastasia, an artist specializing sculptures, has launched a new biz online selling mini-sculptures of her busts, butts and torsos. The catch is they are soap! Sounds a little goofy, but worth the looksee: Art by Anastasia.

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Olivier Blanchard said...

Small town. Teri's a good friend and I'm sitting across from her gallery right now.