Sunday, July 15, 2007

Summer fun

This is a pretty cool optical illusion

- When you first see this, the woman is probably turning clockwise.
- Focus on the shadow for awhile, and you'll see her turn counter clockwise.
- Focus on her center foot, and you'll see her turn clockwise again.

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James Gibbons said...

This is a cool example of the kind of trick a lot of creative professionals use to “loosen” our brains, in order to invent solutions to problems. If you can get yourself to see the same old thing a new way, you can solve the same old problem with a new solution.

An example of this from fine art is drawing the negative space around an object, rather than drawing the object itself. This prevents your rational brain from getting in the way (you tend to want to draw something as you think it “should” look, rather than as it “actually does” look).

As a writer, I sometime give myself exercises like writing in rhythm, without being too conscious of the dictionary meanings of the words. Another trick I use is eliminating a part of speech. How do you write this sentence with no prepositions? With only adjectives? With just nouns and verbs? It can make for some interesting imagery and jar your head into some cool solutions.