Monday, July 30, 2007

Another innovative solution from Milliken

For many years, few people outside knew the full scope of what Milliken & Company did, because they wanted it that way. Recently they have become more open, so they can tap into the creative ideas in the community around them.

Here's an example of another innovative solution from Milliken. They are interested in identifying problems that this innovative material can solve. If you have thoughts, let me know, and I'll get you in touch with the right person at Milliken.


Anonymous said...

While I have the utmost respect for Milliken as an organization, as they have sustained profitability even through difficult market conditions. But, this is another example of a company using a product focused strategy/approach in contrast to a market focused method. The title of the article "Another innovative solution from Milliken" is somewhat misleading, as a customer problem or need to be solved has not been identified. The article petitions the reader to submit possible target markets for this material. More than likely, a mass market will not be realized for this material, and it will become a niche player in a low volume segment. Fortunately, in this case, it appears that the "solution" is an extension of an existing product, equating to limited amounts of resources (both human and financial) being utilized during its development. As an innovative leader, I can only imagine if Milliken combined this facet with some marketing research, helping them fully realize their potential.

Craig said...

I am truly amazed by the products that Milliken produces almost daily for its consumers. I am equally interested in how they recruit and retail top talent to keep up with the growing demand for additional patents and product. I would love the opportunity to speak with someone at Milliken to learn more about the company and their talent philosophy.

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