Thursday, May 03, 2007

I've noticed my own kids doing this

I've noticed for some time that my daughter, who is a freshman in college, and my son, who is a sophomore in high school, are increasingly texting friends rather than calling each other. They will feverishly peck out messages on the tiny keyboard of their phones back and forth with their friends, or if it is available they will instant message from their laptops. I've found that interesting, and now here is confirmation that the trend is real and having a significant impact.

Mobiles lose their magic as calls fall for the first time

It is the first time the number of calls has fallen since JD Power started the survey ten years ago.

The industry analysts found that text messages and emails - which can be sent from some newer phones - are becoming more popular, possibly because they are cheap.


Olivier Blanchard said...

I've noticed that more and more, texting is replacing phone calls, even when dealing with clients and contractors. Texting is quick, silent and convenient (unless you're driving, sipping coffee and tying a double windsor all at the same time).

Texting also bypasses voice-mail, which is VERY nice. (I don't have to call my voicemail, enter my password, listen to the automated voice lady, listen to an entire message, etc.) I can push a button, and there's the text.

It's kind of like sending a post-it note to someone over their phone. Good stuff.

Richard Fowler said...

Texting has been ubiquitous in the UK for some years now. Wherever you are, even at the dinner table on Christmas Day, people will be surreptitiously reading and sending text messages.

Really useful for short messages such as "Stuck in traffic. Be 5 minutes late." Although of course it would be written in TextSpeak "L8" for "Late" for example.