Friday, May 11, 2007

The first Apple logo - definitely not the ultra cool, sexy status symbol it has become

Image:Apple first logo.png
The original Apple logo featuring Isaac Newton under the fabled apple tree.

Source: Wikipedia


Patrick said...

Yes, that looks like something you might see on a stock certificate or annual report. It's amazing how how simplified their logo has become over the years. The wonderful about the current logo is that it can stand the test of time. the old rainbow apple logo seemed dated even when it was current. I can understand their reasoning back then but nothing beats simplicity and the current logo best reflects the ideal Apple design philosophy anyway. Of course I realize that Apple doesn't always go by it's own rules I appreciate that more advanced features are hidden unless I really need to use them.

Bobby said...

Well as an initial employee of Apple in 1980, we were proud ofthe 7 color logo... it was very expensive at the time to have printed in the 7 color process of the time. We had pantones that dealers and ads but conform to and it was a really big things to include in ads.

Apple Fellow