Monday, January 29, 2007

Superintendent Jim Rex starts out right

I agree with an editorial in the Greenville News: Superintendent starts out right - The new state education leader has a sound vision for progress. Next step: putting it into action.
Rex reiterated his five-point plan that won the support of South Carolina voters:

- Accelerate innovation.
- Increase public school choice.
- Refine accountability for maximum results with minimum testing.
- Elevate and reinvigorate the teaching profession.
- Provide fair and more equitable funding.
If Secretary Rex can really do all that, we stand a chance.


Spencer Hill said...

If Rex can work toward statewide open enrollment, while opposing vouchers for private schools. He has my support and my vote next time. His agenda is moderate enough to have full support from all state residents. I hope he accomplishes his agenda because South Carolina will advance under those policies.

Rick Glessman said...

Ahhhh, Open enrollment (school choice)....the answer to all of the states education problems. Let me see if I understand this.....all of the kids who attend an under performing school will be given the opportunity to go to the school of their choice? So what happens when 10,000 parents want their child to attend Riverside? Do we have a lottery? Set up 200+ portables? Cancel lunch, gym and assemblies? Of course since the state seems incapable of properly funding the bus system now, we will only have to worry about this problem on the rare days when the kids actually get there. Careful what you wish might just get it.
Change can be good, and is needed. But I have yet to see a workable plan for choice that will help the majority of students really needing help.