Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Part 2: We haven't really accepted reality

China could overtake the United States to have the world's largest number of Internet users in two years.

Are we truly prepared to accept what happens when the largest online market is no longer in the US? When online products are first developed to the sensibilities of the world's largest market, the Chinese, and then exported to the US? When online standards are developed in Mandarin, not English?

Can you really imagine your grandchildren having to learn Mandarin in elementary school in order to be prepared for the leading edge technology? Can you really?

3 comments: said...

No,I can't...

Lee said...

I don't buy into this megatrends mentality that says Americans have no say in their destiny, either individually or as a nation.

John Nesbitt and the other megatrend writers were mostly wrong.

Politicians, academics, and musical chair executives today write off entire economic sectors, such as textiles, then use that vision of inevitability as an excuse to deny bank credit, pass crippling trade laws, and even subsidize overseas competitors - to make their warped vision come true.

Fortunately, they lack the power or motivation to attack every sector of our economy.

China doesn't have a vision of American children speaking Mandarin. Their vision is the annihilation of American children, and they openly boast that they will do it.

Anonymous said...

"Annihilation of American children" What?? That's the dumbest thing you could have written.

They don't want them dead, if so, who would buy their products?

Look, whether Americans want to hear it or not, China was an economic powerhouse for hundreds of years before the West introduced opium to China creating a living nightmare for it's people. They are finally waking up from their 100 years of exile and are ready to reclaim the respect they once had on the world stage. Granted, they are a little gun-shy now and they're a little upset...that's the superficial message you are focused on.

In actuality, their country is getting smarter, wealthier, and over time more peaceful. These are only good things for the US...the alternative that you prefer is that the US and Europe continue to dominate at a large economic disparity and further live in a world with more "Taliban"-like countries...nurturing people that truly want to kill American children.

In order for the US to benefit, prosper, and be safe...we have to stand firm on our principles of a free-market system, standing for anything less means we should just merge with Cuba and Venezuela now.

My point is, everyone's fear is completely misplaced...all the posts sound like the sky is falling...reminiscent of the hatred of Japan in the 80's and Mexico in the 90's...We shouldn't worry about having to learn Mandarin or Hindi, but rather what products/services we can sell at a comparative advantage. Believe it or not, the Chinese cannot do fact, you are giving them too much credit!