Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A letter to Senator Jim DeMint

We had some interesting discussion last week about Senator DeMint emerges as a leader in the future of telecommunications and the Internet and the issue of Net Neutrality.

The discussion is how best to promote innovation. Personally, I think the build-out of the Internet infrastructure is essential to the delivery of next generation products and services. Things we've only begun to imagine will require immense amounts and different kinds of bandwidth than we currently have. Clearly most people don't like the incumbent telecom companies as a group. The way to encourage competitors to build out a more innovative infrastructure is to be sure new entrants can earn a market return on their investments. Since no one is quite sure what infrastructure is needed, I'm much more confident that the market will sort it out properly than I am that a government mandate will get it right.

Rob Wright posted A letter to Senator Jim DeMint arguing the other side that Net Neutrality is essential. Rob makes a good case, but I still agree with Jim.

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