Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Einstein in Greenville?

In the course of nurturing innovation we try to create intersections of great ideas and minds. Imagine what could have happened if Charles Townes had still been a physics student (he was class of '35) at Furman in the early 40's when Albert Einstein, while staying with his son living in Greenville, visited Furman a number of times? I can only imagine the conversation: or maybe they wouldn't have talked at all - who knows, who can ever predict what will happen when two people come together with open minds?

What would the "Man of the Century" think of our town, region and state? What words of wisdom could he offer on our efforts to incite innovation, creative thinking and the creation of new industry?

Read about the real trips that Albert Einstein made to Greenville, SC! - Beat (MetroBeat) article by James Shannon

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