Saturday, February 25, 2006

The high-tech plutonics industry

Sometimes you just have to have fun with this stuff.

A recent email from a friend: Saw in a Greenville News article this AM, "There's no limit to where a business started by an entrepreneur may go, especially in fields such as biotechnology or photonics." To the best of my recollection, this is the first time that photonics was named specifically along with bio and auto as potential areas for economic/small business growth... looks like the message is slowly getting out.

PS: note that the G'Ville News did once name "plutonics" as an area for entrepreneurial growth but I'm not counting that...

(Excerpt from the Greenville News article he is referring to: "Alliance Pickens is targeting a variety of industries... that includes... the high-tech plutonics, biotech and nano technology industries.")

My response: I'm an expert in plutonics and speak the language fluently...

Friend: When I read that a few years ago, I thought they were announcing a new joint venture between Savannah River National Lab and the North Koreans, or was that Iran?

Me: A common friend says is that we are all definitely from a different planet. Used to be when I talked about this stuff no one in the audience would say a word... I was certain the problem was that I was speaking in plutonics.

Friend: She's probably right.

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