Monday, January 09, 2006

The supercomputer at the Clemson International Center for Automotive Research

Hopefully you know by now that a wind tunnel is not the major feature of Clemson ICAR. It's really a partnership between Clemson, BMW, Michelin, and others to recruit and retain best in the world talent. The partnership is cemented by Clemson's Campbell Graduate Engineering Center that is a few hundred feet from BMW's IT Research Center. Students that might otherwise have gone to MIT or Stanford can graduate from Clemson and go to work for BMW without having to find a new parking space.

ICAR's research focus will be on systems integration in automobiles and automobile manufacturing. Evan Tishuk at OrangeCoat recently sent me an article about Clemson ICAR "installing a supercomputer that has as part of the first phase a cluster of 1,000 Sun Microsystems servers using dual-core Opteron processors from Advanced Micro Devices Inc. The installation will serve as the heart of the university's Computational Center for Mobility, housed at its International Center for Automotive Research in Greenville, S.C."

I didn't know that. Very interesting.

ICAR will make a presentation at InnoVenture on March 28th about creating a Community of Innovation around the facility. This is one more good reason to attend.

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