Monday, January 23, 2006

High School, Reinvented!

A story in the Myrtle Beach Sun Times tells of an interesting new high school. A partnership between Horry County Schools and Horry-Georgetown Technical College, the high school is targeted at students in the middle not well served by the status quo; "students who score in the middle range on standardized tests but are capable of better work." The program is designed to meet their special needs. "From day one in the early college program, these youngsters will be inculcated with the notion that they are capable of great work and expected to perform at that level. They'll be immersed in fields of study that make the world of work vivid to them."

Congratulations to Horry County Schools! They segmented their customers, and developed a distinctive program to meet the special needs of a focused group not otherwise well served. This is entrepreneurship 101 in the business world, but a breath of fresh air in public education.

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