Sunday, January 29, 2006

Not Again! ... a SC brain drain

I've been away for a day, so I'm surfing news of the Internet getting caught up when I see this article that catches my eye "Brain Scans May Be Used As Lie Detectors...".

The story is datelined Charleston, SC, which gets me pretty excited as I start to think this is about a South Carolina technology company. Sure enough the story includes, "Cephos Corp., which Laken founded to commercialize the brain-scanning work being done at the Medical University of South Carolina."

I'm getting more excited. At the bottom of the article are related links, and one is to Cephos Corp.: So I click on it to find out where on King St. or perhaps Daniel Island in Charleston Cephos is located, when ...
Contact Us:
Cephos Corp.
38 Lawrence
Pepperell MA 01463

Not again. Damned. We have got to start growing wealth here instead of places like Massachusetts.

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jeff papenfus said...

yep. I did and thought the same thing. Wouldn't it have been an asset to SC to have them here. Maybe someone can share the reason they left Charleston?