Saturday, October 06, 2007

A fate we'd like the new Swamp Fox to avoid

In developing the new Swamp Fox website, we've studied lots of other social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Digg.

Doing something new is always exciting, but it's important to stay in touch with the brutal facts of reality. Here's an article we routed around the Swamp Fox team recently: The Three Potential Causes of Facebook's Death

It's a fate we'd really like to avoid.


Tom Strange said...

Oh, gee, let's see, Face Book has some 40 million subscribers to Swamp Fox's 10,000, the headline was all about getting reader interest as the Face Book story is hardly written yet, and Swamp Fox serve's a very different customer. You know John, I think you worry too much. It may be awhile before you can tell Google to Wiki-off!

Swamp Fox said...

Oh Tom.

Let me wallow in my delusions of grandeur.

Only 39,990,000 to go!

We've got 'em looking over their shoulder :-)