Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Creation of Conscious Culture through Educational Innovation

Michael Strong has a vision of schools which will promote authentic learning for our youth. In this expansive manifesto, he calls for a diverse educational market in terms that any business person will appreciate.
Slide 5: The tragedy of modern times is that the most powerful system for developing and disseminating products and services, the free market, has not yet been applied to education.
He had me hooked right there.

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Kathie Bobbitt said...

Thank you, Michael Strong, for saying so eloquently what is wrong with the current status quo in our school systems.

Michael hit home when he said that we need to have love in our classrooms. I can see where some people may take offense to this idea. Love in a secular setting has the connotation of danger because people who are emotionally lacking have taken advantage of others. This is an indicator of the need for emotional intelligence at all levels.

Michael Strong's talk about love for classes, subjects, class mates, teachers, education and potential in all its forms may sound soupy and sentimental but it is in fact what we are all looking for - unconditional love of us, our ideas and our interests. When we are supported, accepted and loved in our common language in the classrooms across this country, creativity and passion will be encouraged and we will be tapping into the whole person - including our emotional side. Permission will then be granted to pursue our higher selves and to become what we have the potential to become - without the limitations set by others who do not understand our passion.