Saturday, March 31, 2007

Longtail of relationships

We've talked here before about the concept of the longtail. If we access markets physically, say in a retail store, generally our options are limited to the fewest items that have the highest volume - the best sellers. But through technology we can considerably extend our reach deeper into the market to access a much greater variety of items that have much lower volume. Think what does with books.

Josh Fraser of Curio Solutions, who helped us create the online registration system for InnoVenture, realized through technology members of the Swamp Fox Community are access the longtail of relationships. Over 700 people came to InnoVenture. None of us has time to follow-up with each of them individually. But the technology behind the Swamp Fox Community will allow members to efficiently search for, and in the future keep up with, other members with the expertise and resousrces they need to be successful.

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