Saturday, February 03, 2007

Swamp Fox Community up to 37 incredible people you want to know

Last week, Swamp Fox launched an innovative online tool, so that immediately upon registering for InnoVenture you'll be able to see everyone else that is registered.

Jeremy Stipkala from Charleston said about the new system:
Let me congratulate you on a fantastic website!! It goes far beyond anything I have seen before. I get to meet everyone before I get there! You have added a ton of value to everyone's experience!
Jeremy's profile is:
A patent attorney, I lead Stipkala LLC, a proud sponsor of InnoVenture 2007. [Bless you Jeremy.] I earned my Ph.D. in Chemistry at Johns Hopkins University studying solar energy conversion using semiconductor nanoparticles. Then, I received my J.D. with High Honors from the George Washington University Law School. I worked eight years with a leading IP firm before launching Stipkala LLC.
There are 36 other incredible people you'll want to know in the Swamp Fox Community, which is growing daily. You do that by registering to attend InnoVenture.

I look forward to seeing you in March. Sparks will fly!

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