Sunday, May 14, 2006

Notes from Ideation International: Anticipatory Failure Determination

Leaders from Ideation International have created a set of tools for managing the future. Their tool for managing the short-term future is Inventive Problem Solving.

The next tool in Ideation International's bag, Anticipatory Failure Determination, not only deals with a problem present today, but as the name implies, begins to allow the user to anticipate and manage the future. This tool has two parts:
Failure Analysis is a systematic procedure for identifying the root causes of a failure or other undesired phenomenon in a system, and for making corrections in a timely manner.

Failure Prediction
is a systematic procedure for identifying beforehand, and then preventing, all dangerous or harmful events that might be associated with a system.
The ability to anticipate and begin to control the future puts considerable power in the hands of a trained user.

The Ideation International process for managing the future is based on TRIZ, an acronym for the Russian words for "Theory of the Solution of Inventive Problems." Do you have experience with TRIZ or Ideation International?

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