Monday, March 20, 2006

If you thought the cheap labor of the Chinese was scary, just wait

China Venture Capital Forum 2006

April 7-8, 2006 Shenzhen, China

Start a New Chapter Through Reform and Innovation

The China Venture Capital Forum is an annual gathering in China that is the largest of its type in scale, the highest in level, and the deepest in discussion. It brings together experts and practitioners from the government sector, domestic and international venture capital institutions, private equity professionals, world-renowned financial institutions, and intermediaries to share their valuable experiences and insights. As an important platform for growth enterprises and venture capitalists, the Forum will facilitate the integration of industry and capital, and create a favorable environment for enterprises to improve their financing efficiency. During the conference, top venture capitalists from home and abroad will give special lectures on how to attract venture capital and how to improve the professional skills of venture capital managers. Over 1,000 participants are expected to attend.


James Borton said...

As a long term China watcher and journalist writing about Asia emerging economies for years, I have seen up close and personal the young educated Chinese entrepreneurs, spurred now by an influx of Silicon Valley venture funds and increased financial reforms which is driving a new technological innovation.

The U.S. should take note. The economic war is not going to be about trade imbalances but about a dramatic trans-Pacific shift in Chinese tech superiority by 2010.

At this past weekend's China Venture Capital Annual Forum in Shenzhen, the key point sounded at the opening day forum is China's ambitious goal to increase funding for research and development by 2010 to almost $112 billion. The view form both academics and industry watchers is that the Chinese government's mandate on proprietary innovation over the next decade sends a clear signal to the capital markets that China Inc. expects to see more technology entrepreneurship.

For more information, go to By the way, SwampFox, I am recently returned to beautiful Hilton Head Island from a distant island, Chinese island, Cheung Chau, 45 minutes from Central Hong Kong.

The Cackalacky Candidate said...

The ramifications of the 1,000 attendees at the Chinese Venture Capital Forum may pale in comparison to the single Chinese manfuctured automobile that showed at the Detroit Auto Show this year. 2006 was the first year that a Chinese built auto was displayed at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Imagine being able to pick up an inexpensive Chinese built auto in the Home & Garden Department at K-Mart. What is the prediction for the U.S. auto manufaturing sector, especially in South Carolina, when you consider the history of foreign automobile introductions in this county. The Chinese cars are reported to start hitting the showrooms in 2007 & 2008.

Swamp Fox might consider the implications, do a little research, and do an entire posting to ponder this issue of the future of the car in the U.S of A.