Thursday, December 01, 2005

Online Conversation About the SC Economy

On October 21st, the Council on Competitiveness sponsored a "Conversation on the SC Economy" Greenville. Professors from our research universities presented summaries of their current research on the SC economy.

We now have all six of the presentations online. (Don Schunk was unable to make the conference.) The technique we used involved taking a low res video of the speaker and digitizing the slides so that you can really read them. Once on our website, click "Economic Development Research' and then click the presentation that you want to see. Allow a few minutes for the presentation to fully load onto the RAM of your computer. After the first few slides, you should be able to use the controls to jump to any point in the presentation. Thanks to Tommy Cabaniss at Action Video in Greenville for proposing the video technique and to Amy Love at the Council for getting the presentations online.

Thanks to all of the professors for sharing their work, to Bruce Yandle for organizing the effort, and to the Greenville Chamber for handling registrations. I think you will see that some first class economic development research is being done at our state universities. Please share this e-mail with your organizations.

George W. Fletcher
SC Council on Competitiveness
(864) 421-9999 (Greenville)
(803) 264-5888 (Columbia)
(864) 380-6392 (Mobile)

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