Sunday, September 18, 2005

Research Week II: Innovista at the University of SC

The University of South Carolina has announced Innovista, a mammoth new project spreading out over 200 acres and combining 5 million square feet of research labs, office space, mixed-use retail and affordable residential housing in Columbia. The project is a unique new "innovation district," whose "vision is urban—with faculty and private researchers and their families living next to, or over, where they work. And only a short walk or bike ride from parks, restaurants, entertainment, shopping, schools, and recreation."

"A major Innovista element is the focus on research aimed at the emerging technologies and intellectual clusters—Biomedical, Environmental, Nanotechnology, and Future Fuels—that companies will find extremely valuable in the global economy."

The ambition of Innovista is that for "the next 100 years as it creates a magnet for attracting the world’s brightest minds and most innovative companies to South Carolina."

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