Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Liberty Experience

Somewhere over the past few years we collectively reached a tipping point. A consensus formed that we needed to do some things different to move the community forward. Many people have stepped up and taken the initiative to put a building block in place.

One of those is Hayne Hipp, who created the Liberty Fellowship program to develop a cadre of leadership in South Carolina. Each class is a two year program, completely underwritten by Hayne. I'm fortunate to be in the first class, and it is hard to overstate what an incredible experience it has been. The first class has been so successful in Hayne's view, that he accelerated the selection of a second class by a year.

Each class member is mentored by a senior business leader in the state.The program is governed by a strong Board of Directors. Jennie Johnson is the Executive Director of the program. The level of experience and talent that Hayne and Jennie have assembled is impressive.

The core of the fellowship is four seminars over two years, exploring leadership through readings of great authors through the centuries. The first seminar was at Wofford last fall, and the second was at the Aspen Institute in the Spring. Each seminar in South Carolina is moderated by three deep and experienced individuals, Skip Battle, Bernie Dunlop, and Jennie.

Last spring, I shared thoughts from the seminar I attended at the Aspen Institute.
Notes from Aspen: The Fault Line of Faith
Notes from Aspen: The Fault Line of Identity
Notes from Aspen: The Fault Line of Freedom

Notes from Aspen - The One who endowed us with Liberty
Notes from Aspen - Carriers of culture
Notes from Aspen - Humans are social beings

I'll share additional thoughts from this week's seminar when I get back.

If you see Hayne or Jennie or Bernie around, thank them for me.

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