Saturday, July 16, 2005

New and Improved Swamp Fox

Recently I launched the enhanced Swamp Fox: News of the Southeastern Innovation Corridor. I created Swamp Fox in 2000 as an online archive of innovation announcements and a weekly email update that highlights the work of southeastern innovators and entrepreneurs. Today Swamp Fox has grown to over 6,000 subscribers.

This is the first major revision to the site, making it much more useful. You’ll see new features such as the ability to submit an article directly online and an events calendar. You can search the press release archive either by organization or by key word in order to use Swamp Fox in your market research. Take the time to explore the site, and you will find other useful features.

For several months, Adam Gautsch and Evan Tishuk of OrangeCoat have put many hours into developing this enhanced site. I am very grateful for their efforts, and hope you like the new site.

If you like what you see, do us the favor of referring Swamp Fox to a colleague. Referrals are by far the most effective way of spreading the word about Swamp Fox.

I’d love feedback on the new site, and your thoughts about how we can improve it further. Thanks for your interest in Swamp Fox.

John Warner

P.S. A maven is “someone who is dazzlingly skilled in any field.” In the future, Maven Sponsors will author this blog as a unique way to reach a broad base of innovators and entrepreneurs. If you would like to explore being a Maven Sponsor of Swamp Fox, please contact me.

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