Thursday, July 14, 2005

InnoVenture Forum - Entrepreneurs to the Rescue

The first InnoVenture Forum was held today featuring life sciences at the University of South Carolina. The Forums are a significant enhancement that will allow InnoVenture to highlight specific partners at locations all around in the Southeastern Innovation Corridor.

As with anything new, there are start-up challenges. We planned a live meeting that would be recorded with an archive posted on the InnoVenture website for viewing later.

We thought we had the recording taken care of but a few days before the event we found out the system we were depending on to record the audio would not be available. So at the last minute I called Phil Yanov, President of ThinkHammer Communications, to bail me out. People that can be counted on to get the job done are valuable. And sure enough, Phil loaned me a portable digital recorded that did a great job.

Several others made the Forum a success. We gave Rob Yarmey, Chief Technology Officer of Multimedia Design Corporation, files from the event that weren't perfect for him but you wouldn't know it from the archive he created for us. Tony Smith at the SC Department of Commerce made sure we had a great facility. Chip Hood at Needles and Rosenberg sprang for lunch. Brenda Laakso of InnoVenture made sure we had the details in order. And Lisa Rooney and her staff, as well as the USC researchers who presented, did a great job of helping uncover exciting opportunities at USC.

That is what I love about InnoVenture. We all realize that it is in our mutual self-interest for our community to be successful. I love being surrounded by great people who are willing to roll up their sleeves and make great things happen.

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