Sunday, September 03, 2006

Data mining in a world of infinite choice

I spent some time recently with Ed Roehl and Ruby Daamen of Advanced Data Mining International. ADMi was a presenting company at InnoVenture 2006 and has won Innovision Awards in 2005 and 2003.

The ADMi website says:
People are awash in rivers of data, flowing from many sources. Without automation, leveraging this information is beyond human abilities.

Advanced Data Mining provides data visualization and analysis software, and services that extract knowledge from large databases. We help people decipher the relationships between hundreds of variables. Our highly experienced staff has unsurpassed expertise in data mining, ultra high quality multi-dimensional computer graphics, and web-based data communications. We not only give you knowledge that is unobtainable by other means, we can also embed this knowledge in your operations to give you real-time understanding that adapts to a world that is constantly changing.
Hmmm... In a world of The Long Tail, there's a business model in there somewhere.

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