Saturday, June 10, 2006

Innovation with a Southern Accent

Recently the Southern Innovation Summit was held in New Orleans.

Presentations at Innovation with a Southern Accent
focused on creating a Southern culture of knowledge, where learning and innovation are primary social values, and essential to the region’s global competitiveness.

The Executive Summary of the report of the conference is also available. The recommendations are:

1. Increase the creation of knowledge in the South
a. Enhance and leverage the region’s university-performed R&D
b. Enhance and leverage the region’s federally-performed R&D
c. Encourage the rapid growth of the region’s industrially-performed R&D

2. Increase the accumulation of knowledge in the South
a. Raise awareness of math and science careers and the importance of math
and science
b. Ensure teacher quality
c. Emphasize an integrated approach to math and science
d. Fix leaks in the pipeline
e. Promote non-traditional science and math degree programs through
community colleges
f. Retrain the workforce in technology-driven industries
g. Improve science literacy
h. Design a strategic recruitment plan for developing knowledge-driven clusters
i. Recruit world-class talent nationally and internationally

3. Increase the application of knowledge in the South
a. Build venture and related innovation funding capacity
b. Nurture and support entrepreneurs
c. Leverage university technology assets and business support capacity

4. Launch the Southern Innovation System, a series of multi-state,
sector-specific and infrastructure-related initiatives designed to
enhance the South’s competitive position
a. Implement the Southern Nanotechnology Initiative
b. Implement VentureSouth: The Southern Task Force on Venture Capital
c. Implement the Southern Information Technology Initiative
d. Implement the Southern Manufacturing Technology Initiative
e. Implement the Southern Biotechnology Initiative
f. Implement the Southern Industrial R&D Initiative
g. Implement the Southern Automotive R&D Initiative

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Warner, I am from Jackson, Miss. and I had the opportunity this year to attend this year's Southern Growth Policy Board meeting. I could not attend the first few days. As you know we have had a really bad year. The storm damage still has both Miss. and all of the New Orleans area messed up. I want to learn as much as possible about the Report on the Future of the South. I heard Gov. Blanco and Mr. Persons speeches the on the opening day. Mr. Persons, from your state was outstanding. His speech dealt with innovation and the future of the south. It was one of the best presentations and speeches I have heard in many years. You should get a copy of his speak and post it on your site. I have been reading your blogs for many months, thanks for the work you are doing to bring up South Carolina.
I am a Citadel grad and always look for news about South Carolina.